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Subproject B5

Court Rituals in Rajasthan


Subproject B5 investigates court rituals in Rajasthan spanning the time between the 18th century and today. With a main focus on court records and ritual manuscripts, miniature paintings and murals of Rajasthan have been collected as well. The collection includes paintings, which illustrate e.g. royal assemblies and court rituals as well as the relevant metadata.

Historic and contemporary pictures of court rituals and specific places linked to their performance which were taken during research travels in Jaipur and Jodhpur, enlarge the collection. The main focus of these pictures lies on the annual festival of Daśaharā/Vijayadaśamī, as this is assumed to be one of the main rituals of royal legitimation.

An overview of literature dealing with court rituals in Rajasthan is provided in the bibliography "Court Rituals in Rajasthan".

In addition the "Rājācārya Rāmnārāyaṇa Bhaṭṭa Manuscript Catalogue" serves as an example for a private collection, which is held by a family of ritual experts at the court of Jaipur.

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Resource types:

Court-Rituals in Rajasthan: scanned miniature paintings and murals, pictures, metadata

Bibliography: Court Rituals in Rajasthan: HTML-document

Rājācārya Rāmnārāyaa Bhaṭṭa Manuscript Catalogue: PDF


Court-Rituals in Rajasthan: metadata in German and English, some further annotations in regional languages (Rajasthani)


Time-period and location:       

Court-Rituals in Rajasthan: miniatures and murals from Rajasthan dating between the 15th and 20th century; pictures from Rajasthan dating between 1990 and today



Court Rituals in Rajasthan: via HeidICON - miniatures (for university members) und pictures (worldwide)

Court Rituals in Rajasthanbibliography

Rājācārya Rāmnārāyaa Bhaṭṭa Manuscript Catalogue Catalogue


Examples of the collection

Procession at the Mehrangarh fort (Jodhpur) on the occasion of the Daśaharā celebration (photo: Sobkowiak 2010).
Arrival of the chariot of Rāmcandrajī at the Rāvaṇ kā Cabūt’rā in Jodhpur on occasion of the Daśaharā procession (photo: Sobkowiak 2010).

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